CBP – Central Booking Platform - a neutral platform in the Port of Antwerp hinterland. CBP helps to find, book and execute the best intermodal solution, using existing services from operators of all modes. Value added services are being integrated in the field of empty container reuse and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

CBP features:

-    Bundled transport volumes towards horizontal collaboration
-    Deploy intermodal expertise for better usage of rails & barge transportation
-    Re-use of empty containers for avoiding transportation of ‘empty’ kilometres
-    Better balancing of the hinterland network
-    Less container moves and shorter dwell & waiting times
-    Modal split improvement towards sustainability

CBP business process:


M3 – Mix Move Match - an advanced multi-shipper and multi-carrier collaborative cloud based cross-docking solution. MixMoveMatch can be used in any cross-dock location.

Shippers send information regarding each shipment to MixMoveMatch. This information, hosted on the cloud is then made available to each parter across the chain, ensuring not only an efficient use of the transportation but also high levels of traceability and quality.
It makes extensive use of GS1 open comprehensive framework of standards:

-    Barcodes like EAN/GTIN, SSCC
-    Unambiguous ID-keys GLN, GSIN & GINC
-    State-of-the art messaging (XML-based) Transport Instruction, Dispatch Advice

MixMoveMatch.com is an innovative SaaS Collaboration and Cross-Docking Management Solution (CMS). It has been co-designed by 3M Europe, DHL and MARLO on the iCargo Project, developed and exploited by MARLO.
Goal: to move parcels (or LU’s) through a network of networks in the most efficient way (using physical internet principles). MixMoveMatch.com brings a new approach to Cross-Docking Management.

T-Traco is a transport management system that is working together with its own tracking devices (VECTU LINE) and mobile apps (T-Traco mobile). The solution is using specific GSM/IoT infrastructure (EU patent submitted), that enables to apply technical signals based on the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) protocol in GSM and UMTS networks for global data exchange in real time. The competitive advantage of this solution, in comparison to all existing track & trace products, is its global dimension and reduced roaming costs which so far have limited the widespread application of the intelligent cargo concept.