The idea behind the CLOUD project is to develop an ecosystem with services & applications for ALL transport and supply chain stakeholders which aims to improve the supply chain management over door-to-door operations. These operations include:

-    Sourcing, Booking & Planing of logistics services
-    Planning of trans-european logistics chains including first/last mile optimization
-    In-transit Execution Management
-    Tracking and Monitoring (Visibility)

The ecosystem is based on a virtual Logistic Single Window (LSW). The LSW supports a federation of regional/national community platforms such that the prospective user views it as a single logistics services platform even though it emerges through collaboration between individual initiatives – each of them with their own focus.

These community platforms are:

-    CBP - Central Booking Platform
-    M3 - Mix Move Match
-    T-Traco transport management system

The LSW brings together value added services from different angles: from end-to-end logistics chain management to operational systems focussed on resource optimization for individual modes and/or hubs.

Realization of the project objectives will allow logistics and supply chains to develop towards  a cheaper and more efficient, but at the same time a more customized and service-oriented sector, supported by a full integration and synchronization of processes between involved parties and transport assets.