The idea behind the CLOUD project is to develop an ecosystem with services & applications for ALL transport and supply chain stakeholders which aims to improve the supply chain management over door-to-door operations. These operations include:

-    Sourcing, Booking & Planing of logistics services
-    Planning of trans-european logistics chains including first/last mile optimization
-    In-transit Execution Management
-    Tracking and Monitoring (Visibility)

The ecosystem is based on a virtual Logistic Single Window (LSW). The LSW supports a collaboration of different logistics services platforms.



CLOUD project develops a solution that improves cooperation in logistics through more efficient B2B, M2M and M2B communication. CLOUD does not address the performance of an individual initiative but brings together value added services from different angles: from end-to-end logistics chain management to operational systems focussed on resource optimization for individual modes and/or hubs.